The Music

“The openminded music-lover will appreciate this, although the album will no doubt bring forth some different opinions, but that’s because it is so extra-ordinary.” – Grimm (BE)

“Shroom metal, now this is something else. The stage performance of singer Valdis Kazāks is hard to describe, his expressions are; from theatrical to normal to sheer madness and back to any random other expression. This makes is fun to watch.” – Pitkings (NL)

“A bizaroide osmosis between Thrash, Sludge, psychedelic music and Doom…” – Metalnews (FR)

“Monomad has succeeded without becoming chaotic in stimulating all auditory senses of the listener with excess and delivered a gem of an album.” – Rocktribune (BE)


For some this music is hard to define. We just call it Shroom. The basic foundation consists of Jeroen’s guitar riffs, played in a myriad of ad hoc performed loops. As an experiment Valdis started to add electronics in 2014. Everyone enjoyed the result so much that it became a vital part of the Monomad sound you hear today. Another distinctive feature is the usage of vocals, switching continuously between two vocalists throughout most of the songs. Bram’s NO-nonsense drumming complete the picture.